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Screen shot of Run2LIVE's webinarThank you for attending our webinar on “Nutritional Workshop for Runners.” Our presenter Cerina Butler discussed:

  • Determining your nutritional needs – How many carbs, fats and protein determine a healthy diet.
  • What runners should eat – Too often runners believe that because they ran 8 miles they have earned a sundae.
  • Understanding how to develop good nutritional habits for fitness and weight management.
  • Proper nutrition before long runs. Carb loading the night before a marathon does not work. Developing a proper nutritional strategy means never having to load up on food before running long distances.
  • How and what to eat after a long run. Eating properly and soon after a long run helps the body recover properly.
  • What should be on your plate? Runners should to know portion control and how to choose the right foods.  Also how to deal with diets like Paleo, high carb, and other food fads.

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Nutritional Presentation

Nutritional Workshop For Runners (1.4 MiB, 138 downloads)

Nutrition for Runners Pamphlet

Runners Pamphlet (136.3 KiB, 104 downloads)

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