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Screen shot of Run2LIVE's webinarThank you for attending our webinar on “Optimizing Nutrition and Fueling for Workouts and Racing.”  Our presenters discussed:

  • Why plant-based whole foods is the future of optimal health.
  • What it takes to eat like an elite runner.
  • How to properly fuel for workouts and races.

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Vega Sport – Fuel Your Better product selector tool: http://vegasport.com/fuelyourbetter/

Vega website – www.myvega.com

Personal Nutrition Consult Page: www.kimmcdevittrd.com

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Download the slides from the presentations.

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Kim McDevitt’s PresentationIcon of Vega PresentationVega Presentation (3.8 MiB)

Matt Fitzgerald’s PresentationIcon of Matt Fitzgerald's PresentationMatt Fitzgerald's Presentation (1.6 MiB)

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