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Managing Group Runs

Group runs present opportunities for runners to practice running form, interact with other runners and test yourself against other faster runners. It’s important that group runs are managed correctly so that everyone is safe. Being a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) member and carrying insurance to protect members, and the Board of Directors means that we follow a specific protocol for managing group runs.

Our main criteria is that the group run leader is certified in First Aid, CPR and AED and have an understanding of the RRCA Group Run rules located here: http://www.rrca.org/education-advocacy/guidelines-for-leading-a-group-run/  If the group run leader is apart of another organization then that organization will need to have insurance.

The next criteria is that participants have a signed waiver on file. We do online signing of  waivers so we can easily track and locate any waiver if it’s needed.

Our fiduciary responsibility to you our club members is that we do not promote group runs or running events that do not meet the above criteria. If the running club, organization etc. does not have insurance we will not promote the event on any of our multi media platforms. If the group run leader does not have 1st Aid, CPR & AED certification we will not promote the event.

Our coaches have the ability to organize any group running event and it will be covered as an insured event. We are currently working on establishing a criteria for club members who wish to lead group runs to obtain 1st aid CPR AED certification.

If you want a better understanding of the insurance risks that face a running club please watch this presentation from RRCA 2014 National Conference on Risk Management.

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I'm using my passion for running and keeping healthy to inspire and encourage other Black Men & Women to use distance running, jogging or walking as a way to stay healthy, get healthy and reverse the high number of preventable diseases that run in our communities.

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