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Run2LIVE hosts monthly webinars on different running related topics to help runners achieve their potential.  You can register for our upcoming webinars, download presentation slides from our past webinars and suggest topics for upcoming webinars.

Our next webinar will be scheduled for Late Summer 2017

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Past Webinars

Download slides and information from our past webinars

Nutrition Planning for Marathoners.

Download the presentation slides from Stephen Jackson; Head Coach, Certified Nutritional Therapist and Weight Management Specialist.

Nutrition Planning For Marathoners2016 (6.4 MiB, 111 downloads)

Uncover New Strategies to Prepare for the Race of Your Life.

Download the presentation slides from Barbara Moses; Chief Joy Officer at High 5 Leadership.

2016 Fall Pre Marathon Training Webinar.

Download the presentation slides from R2L Head Running coach Stephen Jackson on how to prepare well for your next marathon.

2016 Rest And Recovery Strategies (6.8 MiB, 235 downloads)
Make Your Brain Make You Run Better.

Download the presentation slides from Matt Fitzgerald based on his latest book “How Bad Do You Want It.”

Make Your Brain Make You Run Faster 2016 Upload Version (3.1 MiB, 148 downloads)
Running Your Best in 2016 – How to Train, Prepare & Exceed your Running Expectations.

Download the presentation slides from these 3 presenters who discussed types of runs, the importance of a running journal and rest and recovery strategies

Optimizing Nutrition and Fueling for Workouts and Racing
We followed up on our December 2014 “Nutritional Workshop for Runners” with an exciting webinar. Our presenters for this webinar were Kim McDevitt MPH. RD. National Educator and certified running coach, professional sports nutritionist and author/co author of 22 books Matt Fitzgerald.

Running 101 – What every runner should know about running.

4 certified running coaches was in a roundtable discussion that addressed many of the concerns and questions that new and novice runners have about running.

 Running Your Best for 2015″ How to plan, run and stay injury free.

Our presenters discussed:

The importance of incorporating strength training and yoga into your training.
How to incorporate strength training and yoga to assist your running
Why you need a run journal and what information to track.
How using a run journal can prevent common running injuries.
How using your run journal can help you race better.
How to create an active recovery strategy for better recovery.

Nutritional Workshop for Runners
Proper fueling for distance running is important before during and after long runs. Our nutritionist presented information needed for you to develop a sound nutritional plan whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or a regular meat eater.

A Closer Look at Women on the Run

As the rise of women participating in running continues to grow, this webinar discusses the specific needs and unique considerations to maintain a healthy body