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“I run/walk for mental and physical wellness” – Sonia Barnes-Moorhead

Why I Run/Walk:

Sonia Barnes-MoorheadSimply stated, I run/walk for mental and physical wellness. Over the years, my weight has fluctuated and I realized that when I was overweight, there was a direct correlation to my mental well being. In addition, as a Black woman, I am keenly aware of all the health problems associated with being overweight. I find that when I run (by the way, I used to do marathons but now I it works best for me to walk, and I walk about six miles each day).

I walk a lot on my treadmill and find that reading helps with the monotony of going nowhere, thanks a lot to my e-reader. I am able to get through many books so I am also stimulating my mind – yes, I am a multitasker! I look forward to walking so I can continue to complete a book.  Run/walk allows me to strike a balance between my mental and physical wellness.  I am a much happier person to be around when I have exercised!