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“As much as I enjoy the health benefits of running, I truly enjoy competing, specifically I enjoy competing against my former self.” – Damon Jackson.

Damon Jackson runningTwo years ago I started waking up with violent headaches. My doctor informed me that my blood pressure was very high & prescribe some meds for me to take. When I informed him that I’ve rarely if ever have taken medication, I also asked him how long do I have to take it & how can I avoid taking them in the future? His answer ” a total lifestyle change!” He knew that I enjoyed lifting weights and he suggested I do more cardio, gave me a list of foods to avoid(sadly a major part of my diet) & suggested I invest in a juicer.

Since that conversation, I juice every day(4-6 cups), have lost over 30lbs, lowered my blood pressure & stop taking the meds & last month I completed my 1st official race( QUEENS 10K) of New York Road Runners (NYRR). I’m currently scheduled to run in 3 more race to end 2013 and I’m looking forward to continue running with the goal of participating in the NYC MARATHON ’14.