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Runners from around the country participate in our Online Run Training Website to become better runners. Healthy strong runners run more and run with less pain which leads to enjoying running more and inspiring more people to run.

Run2LIVE, Inc. is a member-supported organization and your dues go to important items like Liability Insurance for Group Runs and activities, Certified Running Coaches, membership in the Road Runners Club of America, cool racing outfits and social activities for members.

Benefits of Membership

Being a paid member of Run2LIVE gives you 12 months of access of working out with RRCA certified coaches. You get access to improve upon the following:

  • Improve your running endurance.
  • Improve your speed and stamina.
  • Personalized instruction on proper strength training.
  • Personalized instruction on proper nutrition
  • Instruction on proper warmup skills
  • Instruction on proper racing techniques

Normally coaches charge anywhere from $80.00 to $125.00 for a one hour session and you get the same for the cost of a annual membership.


Become a Member Today

Joining Run2LIVE is easy and inexpensive at $35.00 per year.

Live in another state? Become a member and get access to our Online Training Workouts, Form Evaluation & Online Training Plans.

Member of another running club? We are a non competitive club that is open to anyone regardless of athletic ability. We are an insured affiliate member of Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). Through RRCA, we are an insured  501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


Additional Benefits of Membership

Custom Training Plans

Our coaches design training plans for any distance up to an Ultra Marathon focused on getting you to the start and finish line healthy and within your finish goal.

  • Plans are designed based on your current running ability.
  • Plans are designed to get you to your finish line time goal.
  • Plans are easy to follow with email and text updates.
  • Plans are flexible to fit your lifestyle.
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  2. Club members preparing to run NYC Marathon

Private Coaching

Private coaching is available for members who need additional interaction beyond a training plan and weekly workouts. Working One on One with a coach provides individualized instructions, support, accountability and overseeing all aspects of your run training, nutrition and strength training plan. One on One coaching will provide the mentor you need to get you through the highs & lows of training.

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  2. New member meet &Greet

Webinars & Conference Calls

We hold great webinars on topics that help runners become better runners along with conference calls with experts in nutrition, strength training, yoga etc., to answer your questions. The webinars and conference calls are recorded so you can refer to them any time you desire.

Annual Membership
Per Year
  • Custom Training Plan for race(s) as many as you need/want
  • Access to Online Training
  • Access to webinar materials
  • Free Yoga and Strength Training classes
  • Reduce admission to running workshops
  • Participation in monthly conference calls with experts
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